[vdr] OT: VDR for grandparents

Kartsa kari at kniivila.com
Sun Oct 26 20:30:56 CET 2008

VDR User kirjoitti:
>>>> has anyone on this list any experience in setting up VDR for older
>>>> people like grandparents? It would be nice, if she/he could share
>>>> her/his experience or point me to information on the WWW.
>>> I have experience with second best thing after grandparents. A
>>> totally clueless user.
>>> Since I have setup VDR as the backend sitting near the dish, and
>>> added a MediaMVP box next to the TV set, she can use it, record
>>> stuff, delete recording, everything.
>>> We are using the Hauppauge MediaMVP together with the
>>> vdr-plugin-vompserver on the VDR system.
>> Another vote for MediaMVP and vompserver. The user interface is IMO easier
>> to operate than commercial PVRs such as the Humax, and the noisy recorder
>> can be kept out of the living room.
> While I have  not had experience with this myself, I do know a few
> users who've set up VDR for (grand)parents and wives.  From the
> feedback I've heard, VDR works really well in those scenarios which I
> think says a lot!  ;)
I've put a couple of systems up for "clueless" users with no problem. 
And now that I think of it one of them is actually a grandmother :) 
Though I do not think that it is a handicap ;)
The good thing is I can maintain them remotely if for some reason it's 
necessary and thus avoid making time to go there.
I also have a MediaMVP at home but the problem with it is it does not 
support subtitles and we have a couple channels here using them.


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