[vdr] Tuning failures for transponder-locked tuners (VDR 1.4.7)

Teemu Suikki tsuikki at zuik.org
Wed Oct 29 10:07:23 CET 2008

I have a VDR box with three DVB-T tuners.. All cards are
saa7146+tda10045 -based budget cards.

I have forced the cards to specific transponders in channels.conf.
Basicly VDR never has to switch transponders, all channels are always

However, sometimes one of the cards looses sync and doesn't re-tune..
It's not always the same card, can be any of the three.

The problem is that VDR doesn't recover from this. If there is a timed
recording going on that "jammed" tuner, VDR keeps on restarting over
and over again, which effectively ruins recordings on all other
channels as well. VDR restarting doesn't solve the problem, the card
still doesn't tune.

I have tried killing VDR when the tuner is jammed, and then try tuning
with tzap.. Tuning fails for the "already tuned" channel, but if I
simply tune to another transponder and then back, it tunes fine. So
apparently the problem is that VDR doesn't even try re-tuning because
the tuners are "locked" to specific transponders in channels.conf..

I'm actually using VDR 1.4.7, I know it's old but otherwise it's
working fine. Has there been any changes in this area in recent
versions? So is it likely to fix my problem if I upgrade to latest
developer version for example?

Teemu Suikki

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