[vdr] [ANNOUNCE] fEPG 0.4.1

Alex Lasnier alex at fepg.org
Thu Oct 30 05:14:24 CET 2008


A new version of fEPG is now available at http://www.fepg.org

fEPG is a plugin for VDR that provides a graphical way of viewing and 
navigating through EPG data. Almost all aspects of the user interface 
are configurable.

2008-10-29: Version 0.4.1

- Fixed error in grid drawing code; 'No Info' entries were not always
   properly determined.
- Key names are now being translated.
- Added Italian translations (thanks to Diego Pierotto).
- Added Spanish translations (thanks to Manuel Gomez).
- Now only drawing the first line of an event name if row height is
   insufficient for two.
- Selected event is now properly updated when the time changes.
- Several minor cosmetic fixes.
- Fixed prototype of function 'Darken'.
- Cleaned up '#include's
- Updated license information.


Alex Lasnier

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