[vdr] [ANNOUNCE] remotetimers-0.1.0

Frank Schmirler vdr at schmirler.de
Thu Oct 30 13:20:16 CET 2008

Hi there,

I just released remotetimers-0.1.0 on http://vdr.schmirler.de.

- Plugin now has its own Recordings menu. Features:
  * filtering by user
  * editing of recordings (name, priority, lifetime, user)
  * starting local/remote cutter
  * replacement for VDR's Recordings menu (requires MainMenuHooks patch)
- Multiuser support for Timers and Recordings (check README for details)
- Dedicated setup options for user filter in Schedule, Timers and Recordings
  menus, either backed by VDR's "Resume ID" or set to a static value
- Progress bars for "What's on now?" menu (thanks to HolgerR at vdrportal)
- Patch for server-side instant recordings and paused live view
- Keep recordings list up-to-date if server's video directory is mounted
  in a subdirectory of the local video directory
- Updated Italian translations (thanks to Diego Pierotto)

Version 0.1.0 is a development release. The core functionality should be fine,
but some of the new features are either incomplete or not very well tested. In

- Renaming recordings on VDR's with multiple video directories has not been
tested at all. BEWARE! You might loose your data!
- Renaming recordings across filesystems not implemented yet
- I added support for the timersync-plugin to the remote_instant_recordings
patch as the patch might work with it, too. Maybe someone using timersync
could give it a try and report back.

Have fun,

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