[vdr] Xineliboutput CVS and AVC (h264)

Todd Luliak javatodd32 at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 20 03:10:03 CEST 2008

I've got my box setup running Debian Etch 2.6.24-rc4, vdr 1.6.2 with Reinhard's patches, the latest xine-lib compiled with the latest external ffmpeg, and vdr-xine. With that configuration I can watch SD and HD in mpeg2 and mpeg4/h264 to 1080p resolutions. I installed the latest CVS of xineliboutput, installed and configured xcompmgr, and gave the gorgeous HUD OSD a spin. Very, very nice. I was, however, a bit disappointed to tune to an h264 channel only to see:
"video_decoder: no plugin available to handle 'Advanced Video Coding (H264)'"
Is this something I did wrong or is it just the state of affairs with the current xineliboutput? Does xineliboutput use the decoders and plugins as compiled from xine-lib and therefore use external ffmpeg if xine-lib was so configured? If so, what am I missing?


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