[vdr] 2 channels on Astra 19e working but HD choking...

martinez at embl.de martinez at embl.de
Sat Apr 25 19:07:53 CEST 2009

I found the problem.

I was specifying 5/6 in the channel parameters (can´t remember how it is
called) instead of auto but the truth is that it is 5/6 as per

Now I have a different problem, HD channels consume between 81% and 93% of 
so pixelation occurs and audio drops at intervals as the system is basicall
choking at 1080p with encrypted HD channels.
I am uxing:

ABIT A78-HD motherboard (with HDMI output for audio and video)
latest OSS driver as Alsa never did output audio over HDMI with my 
And this motherboard has a built-in NVIDIA 8200 which I am assigning 256MBs
RAM to (have a total of 2 Gigs of RAM and 2 gigs of Swap space)

In Xine using vidix for video driver and getodelay for audio.oss_sync metho
Is there something I can change to try to help with the HD channels?

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