[vdr] Best practices for running vdr-xine

Henning Glawe eartoaster at gmx.net
Wed Apr 29 20:38:46 CEST 2009

On Tue, Apr 28, 2009 at 10:56:28AM +0300, Peter wrote:
> I have a bit of a problem running xine frontend – it will not reconnect if vdr backend restarts. Also, my vdr can take 10-15secs just to start up, and xine frontend will bail out during that time, too. Since frontend is being run on unattended TV box (read: no keyboard) it is cumbersome to restart xine every time this happens. 

easy way around this: tell xine to exit when the stream finishes and run it
in a loop. I am running the following in a shell loop. the important options
being --no-splash and --auto-play=fhq, so xine starts immediately playing the
stream and exits as soon as the stream finishese (e.g. when vdr restarts) or
when xine chokes on a "faulty" stream. I also sometimes saw runaway xine
processes, which still hold the xv/xvmc port, so everything called xine is
killed forcibly afterwards.

xine $VERBOSE --aspect-ratio 4:3 --geometry 1024x768 --no-splash --no-lirc \
	-V xxmc -A alsa --post vdr --auto-play=fhq \
killall -9 xine

c u

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