[vdr] Broken CAM handling with TechniSat TechniCAM and ORF Digital Card

Klaus Schmidinger Klaus.Schmidinger at tvdr.de
Sat Dec 5 14:34:22 CET 2009

On 29.10.2009 15:12, gimli wrote:
> Hi,
> my setup :
> Ubuntu Karmic 9.10
> vdr-1.7.9
> xinelib 1.2 hg
> kernel 2.6.31
> my DVB hardware :
> TechnoTrend TT3200 + Budget CI
> my problem :
> Two weeks ago i upgraded my VDR from 1.7.0 to 1.7.9 and discovered that
> the CAM handling with the TechniSat TechniCAM and ORF Digital Card is
> broken. The Decryption starts and stops after two seconds. Reverting
> back the changes in ci.c,pat.c and pat.h to the version of vdr 1.7.8
> solves the problem temporarily. How can i help debuging the real problem
> in vdr 1.7.9 and fixing it ?

Enable DumpTPDUDataTransfer and DebugProtocol in VDR/ci.c and run
it with the 1.7.8 and 1.7.10 code.

Start VDR on an unencrypted channel, and then switch to an encrypted one
and stay there for a while

Send me the output you get from that, and in that output please mark where
decrypting begins to fail with version 1.7.10.


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