[vdr] vdr shutdownskript - wrong time

Steffen Barszus st_barszus at gmx.de
Tue Dec 22 23:59:32 CET 2009

Ian Bates schrieb:
> On 22 Dec 2009, at 21:36, Ian Bates wrote:
>> On 22 Dec 2009, at 19:39, Steffen Barszus wrote:
>>> Hi !
>>> Looks like vdr's shutdownskript hook is not properly working. Since 
>>> it seems to be undocumented in vdr man page i took my information 
>>> from here:
>>> http://www.vdr-wiki.de/wiki/index.php/C%27t-VDR_-_Hooks
>>> #!/bin/sh # Simple ACPI shutdown hook
>>> # $1 : Next timer seconds from 1970 from 1970/01/01, UTC
>>> # $2 : Next timer seconds from now
>>> # $3 : Next timer title
>>> # $4 : Shutdown forced
>>> If the time is far enough in the future this is correct, if it is 
>>> only few minutes in the future it gets horribly wrong (now +30 
>>> minutes or something similar)
>>> (The argument $1 is supplied wrong to the script)
>>> This is vdr 1.7.10 . I remember that some people have written this 
>>> is a known problem. But why is it happening ? Has somebody debugged 
>>> this allready ?
>> From the MANUAL:
>>  Min. event timeout = 30
>>  Min. user inactivity = 300
>>                         If the command line option '-s' has been set, 
>> VDR will
>>                         automatically shutdown the computer if the 
>> next timer
>>                         event is at least MinEventTimeout minutes in 
>> the future,
>>                         and the user has been inactive for at least
>>                         MinUserInactivity minutes. Setting 
>> MinUserInactivity
>>                         to 0 disables the automatic shutdown, while 
>> still
>>                         retaining the possibility to manually 
>> shutdown the
>>                         computer.
>> There is your 30 mins.  No bug, a 'feature'.
>> My VDR is set to these defaults.  If I try to shutdown before 30 
>> mins, I am prompted by VDR to press Power again to FORCE shutdown.  
>> If this is the case I cannot recall exactly but I think the wakeup is 
>> set to 30 mins from the forced shutdown, rather than the next timer.
>> If I recall a mailing list discussion there was an argument along the 
>> lines that if a timer was set to record in less than a certain value, 
>> 30 mins by default, it is 'cheaper' in terms of power and hardware 
>> shutdown/restart cycle degradation to keep the computer running.
>> I have not played with this setting so I cannot comment on VDR 
>> behaviour with a lower setting for this value.  Please report back if 
>> you experiment.
> There is also a detailed section in the INSTALL document:
Thanks i have to admit i only checked the manpages.
> If a timer is currently recording, or a recording would start within the
> next 30 minutes (default for the "Min. event timeout" setup 
> parameter), and
> the user insists in shutting down now, the first and second parameter 
> will
> correspond to a time that is "Min. event timeout" minutes in the future.
> Before the shutdown program is called, the user will be prompted to 
> inform
> him that the system is about to shut down. If any remote control key is
> pressed while this prompt is visible, the shutdown will be cancelled (and
> tried again later). The shutdown prompt will be displayed for 5 
> minutes, which
> should be enough time for the user to react.
So its really a "feature" - Whats the use case for this - except for the 
surprise ? Should a shutdown script try to  "fix" that  ?
> These documents are provided in the VDR source tarball.  I use 
> Slackware and 'roll my own' VDR, for a packaged distribution you may 
> not have these documents or if you do they may not be where you can 
> find them 'easily'.
# locate vdr/INSTALL

Looks like i searched not long enough.

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