[vdr] 451 Grab image failed

Markus Ehrnsperger markus.ehrnsperger at googlemail.com
Wed Dec 30 21:53:10 CET 2009

>> Rene schrieb:
>>> I have had problems in getting screen captures from VDR (VDR 1.6.0_p2-r3
>>> on Gentoo) with with for example:
>>> svdrpsend.pl grab file.jpg


Are you sure that your FF card is the card using DVB adapter number 0

In newer driver versions, you can ensure this with options while
loading the modules. Example:

modinfo dvb_ttpci

parm: adapter_nr: DVB adapter numbers (array of short)

options budget_av adapter_nr=1
options dvb_ttpci adapter_nr=0


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