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2009/2/23 Matthias Wächter <matthias at waechter.wiz.at>:
> Hi,
> just wanted to ask whether someone already thought about the idea to use
> unique timer IDs, like autoincrement, for avoiding race conditions
> between multiple users or processes adding or removing timers. The
> associated renumbering between DELT operations can lead to hitting the
> wrong timer. If all timers had unique numbers, the issue would be gone
> implicitly, but timers.conf would have to carry the ID requiring a file
> layout change.
> What do you think?

Why do you only want them for timers?
IMHO they should be unique for _any_ id used in SVDRP, like
recordings, channels and timers.

IIRC Klaus likes this idea but it has low priority. But he might
accept patches...


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