[vdr] [OT] development infrastructur for VGA2SCART patch set (was: Re: Options for deinterlacing (or not))

Thomas Hilber vdr at toh.cx
Wed Feb 25 15:49:33 CET 2009

On Wed, Feb 25, 2009 at 01:35:01PM +0100, Paul Menzel wrote:
> Is there a homepage for the VGA2SCART patch set with information about
> it? A repository?

due to lack of time and interest I do not yet run a full blown homepage.
But at least I started to collect the plain patches here [3].

> There seems to be some interest from people outside VDR Portal [1] in
> the patches. So a repository with all the different branches (for
> example yours and durchfliegers) could be used to manage the files.
> Would a Wiki page be useful or is the README enough?

Surely a Wiki page could be useful. Not only for special frame rate
control (FRC) patches. Also for VGA2SCART in general. This site should
be run in English. 
But in the past the most interest in the patches has been shown by german 
users. That's why I payed more attention to them.

Markus "Mahlzeit" Küchler already started a german Wiki [2]

> Or could one ask the project your patches are related to, if they could
> set up a branch for each of the patches and the information is managed
> in a Wiki like VDR Wiki [2] or the one of Freedesktop [3]?

there is no 'project' my patches are related to. I just wondered why
people often are complaining about non smooth playback on graphics
On the other hand there is NO official implementation for synchronization 
between stream and VGA timing until today. Neither for SD nor for HD.

So I just started to solve the problem for my own purposes. That's how
it begun.

I think there are 2 viable ways to distribute the patches:

1.) by generic instructions how to build the system (i.e. a big README)
2.) by some ready-to-use VDR distribution

The FRC patches take into account the entire PC. All software components 
(kernel, xserver, softdecoder) involved must fit together exactly. 

Finally I decided in favor of 2.) and I started to help to integrate 
the patches into easy-vdr.de [1] distribution. 

BTW: this work for me is more interesting than to write documentation 
about how to install the patches:-)

You now can simply download+install an easy-vdr based system.
After this you will have a working system out-of-the-box 

Successfully tested on D945GCLF and Pundit P1-P5945GC and some other 
Intel i9xx based boxes. ATI Radeon type systems are not yet included


[1] http://www.easy-vdr.de/forum/index.php?topic=6072.msg51320#msg51320
[2] http://vdr-wiki.de/wiki/index.php/CheapBudget
[3] http://lowbyte.de/vga-sync-fields/

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