[vdr] Which extension for TS files?

reinhard.buchner at rw-buchner.de reinhard.buchner at rw-buchner.de
Tue Jan 6 10:54:32 CET 2009

Hi guys,

Klaus wrote:
> I've already dropped them.
> Besides, these files are just auxiliary internal files for VDR's
> very own purposes. There should normally be no need to edit them at

I'm writing from work (webmail), so sorry if the email format gets
fudged up.

I never really liked the "name all files .vdr" terminology. However,
dropping them is an EQUALLY bad idea, since, unlike Linux, Windows
programs depend on the extension for association. I would like to
using the following:

Video / Audio container files: xyz.ts
Index files: index.vdr
Info files: info.txt
Cutter marks: marks.dat
Resume files: resume.vdr or resume.dat

Klaus says there is no need to edit them (not quite true ;o)), but I
like at least to be able to read them easily.

Here are my reasons for asking this:

Sometimes it is nice to able to edit or even just watching them
With an extension that is common to all video editors or players, it
it much easier.

Index contains no valuable info for external programs and it doesn't
editing, so we can leave this or even remove the extension all together.

The info file esp. is a good thing to have since you can simply copy
the info on a Windows PC (for title or contents) when burn them to a
CD or DVD. It saves time, just being able to copy and paste via
If I have to tell the program to "open with" and associate a programm
EVERY time I burn a video file to DVD it becomes much too time

To me it has happend a couple of times (esp if vdr runs out of disk
that you are not able to jump forward or backward in a video file or
move the placed marks. Being able to edit the marks file or even
the preset times makes it easy to correct this problem. I can either
the marks where I need them (if known) or delete all of them if the
file is totally unresponsive.

Resume files: resume.vdr or resume.dat:
I don't use this file, so to me it makes no difference what is done with
extension. However, for others, esp. multi-user VDR setups it might be
handy to able to edit these (making the .vdr a better decision to be
to differiantiate it from the marks.dat file)

>> any extension at all. If they are in a .rec-directory it should be
>> pretty clear what a file named "index" contains.

Not quite sure who wrote this, but this argument isn't vaild, since
editors or programs have no knowledge of VDR's data structure or
hierarchy. Naming (or just deleting ;o)) all the extensions the same
change the situation.

kind regards,

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