[vdr] Choice of recording format

jori.hamalainen at teliasonera.com jori.hamalainen at teliasonera.com
Mon Jan 12 09:51:43 CET 2009

> TS is what's broadcast, so every device that's able to play DVB broadcasts

> must be able to play TS. Therefore recording the TS "as is" (of course
> the PIDs belonging to one programme) makes the most sense.

I am hoping that recording takes all PIDs belonging to a program, including 
all private streams for all subtitles. And even without any plugin to
them. Later when you process the file with some other software, then
or other sound tracks might be needed. Or they can be discarded on TS
later. But you cannot generate them if you don't have them.

I think removing 'not plugin requested PIDs' saves very little space on
And proportionally even less for HD recordings.

For a hour HD programme (
HD H.264: ~5.5GB (@ 12Mbps)
AC3: ~170MB (@ 384kbps)
MPEG2 audio: ~100MB (@ 224kbps)
DVB subtitles: 50MB (just a guess 50kb per subtitle image * 1000 subtitles
per show)
TXT subtitles: 0.5MB (just a guess 0.5kB * 1000 subtitles per show)

So I suggest on TS-format (at least make it setup-menu configurable):
- record all audio tracks
- record all dvb subtitles tracks
- record all txt subtitles tracks (might be handy on MKV & SRT-conversion)
  - I know Klaus' intention to convert TXT -> DVB subtitles just to store
    format on file at recording time? But I don't like that because it is
    recording the original stream.

- Jori
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