[vdr] Choice of recording format

Magnus Hörlin magnus at alefors.se
Mon Jan 12 10:42:15 CET 2009

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> Ämne: Re: [vdr] Choice of recording format
> > TS is what's broadcast, so every device that's able to play DVB
> broadcasts
> > must be able to play TS. Therefore recording the TS "as is" (of course
> only
> > the PIDs belonging to one programme) makes the most sense.
> I am hoping that recording takes all PIDs belonging to a program,
> including
> all private streams for all subtitles. And even without any plugin to
> request
> them. Later when you process the file with some other software, then
> subtitles
> or other sound tracks might be needed. Or they can be discarded on TS
> editors
> later. But you cannot generate them if you don't have them.
> I think removing 'not plugin requested PIDs' saves very little space on
> disk.
> And proportionally even less for HD recordings.
> For a hour HD programme (
> HD H.264: ~5.5GB (@ 12Mbps)
> AC3: ~170MB (@ 384kbps)
> MPEG2 audio: ~100MB (@ 224kbps)
> DVB subtitles: 50MB (just a guess 50kb per subtitle image * 1000 subtitles
> per show)
> TXT subtitles: 0.5MB (just a guess 0.5kB * 1000 subtitles per show)
> So I suggest on TS-format (at least make it setup-menu configurable):
> - record all audio tracks
> - record all dvb subtitles tracks
> - record all txt subtitles tracks (might be handy on MKV & SRT-conversion)
>   - I know Klaus' intention to convert TXT -> DVB subtitles just to store
> one
>     format on file at recording time? But I don't like that because it is
> not
>     recording the original stream.
> - Jori

Thanks Jori, I fully agree. Hope Klaus does too....
/Magnus H

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