[vdr] Minimal VDR install

Magnus Hörlin magnus at alefors.se
Wed Jan 14 19:44:31 CET 2009

Andrey Kuzmin wrote:
>> I usually start by installing the latest version of ubuntu on one
>> computer and then duplicate that directory  for every client.
> Completely   diskless   clients   booting  through  PXE or iSCSI  from
> single image or from dedicated images from server are also worth  to  try.
> This work fast on gigabit networks with dedicated network cards on server
> per client. Haven't tried this with VDR yet, planning in future.
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That's what I meant. I have diskless clients booting through PXE from 
dedicated images. And I just have a single 100Mb interface to serve four 
clients but that more than enough.
/Magnus H

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