[vdr] maybe an new function for flexible ordner of colour keys on OSD?

Andreas Mair andreas at vdr-developer.org
Sun Jan 18 08:39:29 CET 2009

Hi Sven,

I don't think that this is the main VDR's responsibility as VDR only
tells the *skins* to show the four color keys. The skin only receives
the four string it can show show any way it wants.

So any skin plugin has to implement this colour key reordering. A VDR
setup option will only avoid that any skin needs its own setup option,
but the skin still must _use_ it.

Personally I don't think this is much of use. Mapping yellow to yellow
and blue to blue and so on helps to identify the right key, doesn't
Thinking of remotes that order the color keys one below the other,
someone wants a VDR setting for this...

Just my 2cents...


2009/1/18 Sven Soltau <sven.soltau at web.de>:
> Hello Klaus,
> on most RCs the order of the color keys are:  red - green - yellow - blue.
> I own a RC with the order: red - yellow - blue - green.
> So every time I switch to a new version of vdr, I have to change the order of
> the color keys, because the OSD differs with my RC.
> I think I'm not the only one with this problem. Is it possible to get a new
> function for the next release in Setup - OSD?
> I think of something like:
> first color key = red
> second color key = yellow
> and so on for the four color keys. default is red, green, yellow, blue.
> Have a nice weekend
> Sven
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