[vdr] xineliboutput + vdpau not ready for prime time

Gerald Dachs vdr at dachsweb.de
Mon Jan 19 17:40:17 CET 2009

> I had the same problems. I didn't notice that the picture flickering
> (do you get big patches of mostly green garbage?)

No, not at all, always still pictures that was seen before.

> was triggered by
> channel changes, but that could well be the case.

Only with channel changes here, and only with the option "software
scaling" set to true in xineliboutput.

> I noticed the bad sync too. It seemed to start off slightly out of
> sync and get worse the longer I left it running, but I haven't
> confirmed that.

I didn't have the feeling that it get worse, it seems to be stable.

> I'm using HDMI audio, you'd think the video and sound
> clocks would therefore be derived from the same clock on the NVidia
> chip and it should be easier to avoid loss of sync :-(.

Okay, I don't use HDMI audio, because my receiver is too old for this
and I am even not sure currently whether my Plasma supports HDMI Audio,
will test next chance.

Yesterday I have switched back to the use of vdpau, because I got now
periodically hick ups with xv and xxmc, the last time I had this working
correct I had another CPU, mainboard and nvdida driver :(. The loss of
sync is less disturbing than this periodically stops of motion.

Will soon try the r167 release of the vdpau patch.


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