[vdr] Options for deinterlacing (or not)

Morfsta morfsta at gmail.com
Thu Jan 22 11:12:16 CET 2009

> Thomas Hilber <vdr at toh.cx> wrote:
>> Maybe some day FrameRateControl will allow for a pure open source HDTV
>> solution. Running with adequate picture quality on moderately powered
>> CPUs.

I think it is very important for HDTV without any other solution. One
of my main reasons for buying a eHD was that whilst xine / coreavc was
great for watching films (progressive source) etc, it was not good for
watching sport (interlaced source) and even with a Core2 Duo 3Ghz
enabling good interlacing (tvtime) resulted in the processor becoming
bound and huge amount of frame drops.

Taking this problem out of the equation would be a big help.

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