[vdr] [ANNOUNCE] Cuttime-patch for VDR-1.7.3

Udo Richter udo_richter at gmx.de
Mon Jan 26 00:31:40 CET 2009

Hi list,

The Cuttime-patch modifies the recording time of edited recordings to 
match the time of the first cut mark of the original recording. So if 
you start a recording 5 minutes earlier, and then later cut off the 
first 5 minutes, the resulting recording will have the proper start time 

Also, if you cut the recording into several parts, each part will 
co-exist with the other parts, since they will differ in starting time.

The new version of the patch handles variable frame rates of VDR-1.7.3.

Get it:



PS: This should be the last one for today. ;)

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