[vdr] consistent device removal

Deti Fliegl deti at fliegl.de
Mon Jan 26 22:25:42 CET 2009


sometimes it is very useful to create and destroy cDevice based classes 
at runtime. Currently it is only possible to create such classes at any 
time but destroying causes inconsistency in the 'devices' array which 
leads to segmentation faults in various places.

The patch attached keeps the 'device' array consistent on destruction of 
any cDevice based class. Please add this patch to current 1.6/1.7 
development versions.

The next thing to do is removing the MAXDEVICES constraint which should 
make it possible to add any number of cDevice based instances.

Just in case you are interested why I need this feature: I am working on 
a native VDR plugin for the NetCeiver hardware. With this box it is 
possible to have up to 6 DVB-S2 devices (or DVB-S/C/T) per NetCeiver. 
You can attach up to 5 NetCeivers to a gigabit network which makes 30 
DVB devices available. Therefore it should be possible to create and 
destroy DVB devices at runtime.

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