[vdr] vdrconvert-vdr-1.7.0+

hu_emulator hu_emulator at hotmail.com
Sun Jul 12 21:45:39 CEST 2009

Still no go.
I am using current ProjectX cvs
I am able to demux the 0001.ts file with ProjectX via command line, bring up 
ProjectX and demux from there. Although it says over 8000 errors when 
The vdr-burn plugin just gives me "errouneous job" errors.

Please help.
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> hu_emulator wrote:
>> Thank you for your help. Replaced vdr2dvd.sh with your, renamed to
>> vdr2dvd.sh, rebooted. But still getting the following error:
>> ---> new File:
>> '/video0/iso/tmp/vdr2dvd/9137/%Day_the_Earth_Stood_Still_(All_Day)_/VDRSYNC.vTpfbc/001[1].mpa'
> What version of Project-X are you using? Are you able to demux the
> recording with Project-X manually? You might want to update to
> from cvs if you are running a older version. With that
> version you could also give a go to the new version of the burn plugin,
> which should be compatible with vdr's new TS recordings:
> http://www.vdr-portal.de/board/thread.php?threadid=87788&threadview=0&hilight=&hilightuser=0&page=1
> -Petri
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