[vdr] Dolby Audio not used

Falk Spitzberg post at spitzberg.de
Thu Jul 30 11:48:14 CEST 2009


i am using VDR-1.7.0 with one TT FF Card, one TT-S2 3600 and a Reel eHD.
The entire system runs fairly stable, with one little problem:

Although i've selected "Use Dolby Digital", VDR does not automatically
select the DD audio track on "Das Erste". On all other stations that
transmit DD 2.0 permanently (ZDF, RTL, SAT1, PRO7) VDR automatically
selects the DD audio, no matter if DD 2.0 or DD 5.1 is active. I can
manually select DD audio and that works. When i switch to a different
station and then back to "Das Erste" VDR falls back to the "stereo"

Any idea what i am missing?


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