[vdr] need help with GOTOX patch.

Ales Jurik ajurik at quick.cz
Tue Jun 9 12:31:14 CEST 2009

On Tuesday 09 of June 2009, lucian orasanu wrote:
>  Hy,
> I want to use this patch, but i dont know how. Only this is necesary to
> move the motor:
> S5.0W 11700 V  9750 G v t
> S5.0W 99999 V 10600 G v T
> S5.0W 11700 H  9750 G V t
> S5.0W 99999 H 10600 G V T
> or should be like this:
> S1.0W 11700 V  9750 G v t [e0 31 6e 01(this bite should be positon in rotor
> ?] S1.0W 99999 V 10600 G v T [e0 31 6e 01]
> S1.0W 11700 H  9750 G V t [e0 31 6e 01]
> S1.0W 99999 H 10600 G V T [e0 31 6e 01]
> with settings like this my motor wont move!
The first config should be ok.
> And in lnb setup menu at degres what should i put there, my position?
Yes, your position.
> How this pach works??
Patch is originaly written by Seppo Ingalsuo 

The patch uses algo from vdr-rotor patch to calculate angle to which motor 
should move and send then the gotox diseqc command [e0 31 6e p1 p2] where p1 
and p2 is calculated angle. If you have dish with closer beam be sure to have 
position of satellites in sources.conf and channels.conf written in right way 
(for example satellites at 1.0W are at 0.83W and 0.75W exactly) to be able to 
receive also weaker transponders.

The patch send this command only when satellite is changing. You should also 
use it for motor behind diseqc switch. The next example is for 4-input diseqc 
switch which has diseqc motor connected to input 4. Please be sure that in 
such way your dvb card will not be overloaded with output current (you should 
use motor which disconnect LNB when moving and card with electronically 
limited output current to prevent damages).

S0.8W     11700 V  9750  t v W15 [E0 10 38 FC] W150 G v t
S0.8W     99999 V 10600  t v W15 [E0 10 38 FD] W150 G v T
S0.8W     11700 H  9750  t V W15 [E0 10 38 FE] W150 G V t
S0.8W     99999 H 10600  t V W15 [E0 10 38 FF] W150 G V T



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