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I don't know on what level you want to start troubleshooting?

- Do you have setup via OSD correctly set up for your subtitles language? 
- Is the channel broadcasting DVB subtitles? Or are they txt-tv subtitles?
  - VDR supports DVB subtitles directly. Others via plugin
- Are the data pids correct for the channel. Probably is with auto-update
but do you use it?

Can you record a stream and run TSDoctor on it. It should display subtitles
PIDs and their languages.
(It runs under Wine in Linux)

- Jori

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I have vdr 1.7.7 running happily, but just realized only embedded subtitles
are working. I understand this should be working without any plugin and have
not changed any default subtitle settings.

Can somebody point out where to start the troubleshooting? Any ideas?

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