[vdr] What about vdr-1.6.1?

Jan Willies jan at willies.info
Mon Jun 29 09:52:52 CEST 2009

Hi Joachim,

Am 29.06.2009 09:49, schrieb J.W.:
>> Well, I am not keen on doing this, but to get some progress I at least did
>> upload my git tree based on vdr-1.6.0-2 version of
>> git://vdr.gekrumbel.de/vdr.git to github:
>> http://github.com/zzam/vdr/tree/stable
>> git://github.com/zzam/vdr.git
>> Branch "stable"
>> It contains up to now only my three patches I already posted in this thread.
>> Regards
>> Matthias
> By the way, I think http://projects.vdr-developer.org/ would a great place for a vdr-1.6.? git tree, as there is already the vdr-1.7.? development git tree.

I think you are mixing things up. There is no official vdr-git tree. 
Those git-trees above were created by contributors or users for the ease 
of developement.

  - jan

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