[vdr] Instability with recordings on VDR-1.7.4 when recording to a NTFS partition

Niedermeier Günter linuxtv at ncs-online.de
Mon Mar 23 01:09:46 CET 2009

> There must be an other problem that's causing this, but since this doesn't
> happen here on my system, I'm afraid you'll need to do the debugging ;-)

Which changes have been made between 1.7.2 and 1.7.3 in
file writing mechanism?

Not codechanges, because I dont understand them, but in words please.
E.g. blocksize changed from xxx to yyy changed algo. changed cache or
something else which can influence the performance.

I found out, that in 172 the most time up to 20 stream data blocks are
transmitted via NFS between one "NFS WRITE CALL / WRITE REPLAY" and
"NFS COMMIT CALL / COMMIT REPLAY" combination and the next one.

In 173/174 the number of stream data blocks decreases to an amount of
5 blocks maximal. Therefor the number of "NFS WRITE CALL / WRITE REPLAY"
and "NFS COMMIT CALL / COMMIT REPLAY" combinations increases up to
4 to 5 times higher than in 172.

This produces an enormous overhead, and this overhead could be
reasonable for the two MegaByte/s networkoverload above the normal
load with 1 MB/s per stream.

Perhaps Klaus, you have an idea.


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