[vdr] Instability with recordings on VDR-1.7.4 when recording to a NTFS partition

Niedermeier Günter linuxtv at ncs-online.de
Mon Mar 23 23:58:41 CET 2009

> Just another quick thing to test: please add
>         }
>      Data += TS_SIZE;      <========== this line
>      Length -= TS_SIZE;
>      Processed += TS_SIZE;
>      }
>   return Processed;
> }
> to the end of cFrameDetector::Analyze().

...looks good at all!

I've tested streaming of four channels via the "slow"
NFS share without any problem until now.

The overall netload was at a maximum of 4,5 MB/s for four streams.

A single stream (ARD) needs roundabout 1,1 MB/s.

...Die ARD'ler müssen Geld und Bandbreite ohne Ende haben!!!

-->15Min/850MB TS File

Wonderful !

One question (OT): is it normal that replaying a PES record causes
in a very high CPU load on 1.7.2 and higher? -> 80-90% on a P4/2400

Replaying TS produces "no" CPU load.


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