[vdr] power consumption, powertop and wakups per second with a af9015 device, vp7045, and various plugins

Antti Palosaari crope at iki.fi
Tue Mar 24 14:02:40 CET 2009

Heinrich Langos wrote:
> now, are there any negative side effects to enabling the 
> pid filter that one has to expect?

You cannot receive all channels in the mux at the same time (at least in 
case there is more than 32 PIDs in the transport stream).

> is it still possible to record two stations that are send
> over the same OTA channel? 

I think in theory yes. One program stream is typically less than 5 
Mbit/s and USB1.1 can carry around 12Mbit/s. Anyhow, you are now using 
USB2.0 with PID-filter which means USB can transfer 480 Mbit/s in 
theory. AF9015 does have 32 PID-filters which sets some limits. 32 is 
still more than enough for 2 channels....

> if yes, can reprogramming of the pid filter cause lost 
> packages for a already running recording? 



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