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Wed Mar 18 08:55:17 CET 2009

vdr: [6675] [general.debug] capturing device 0
vdr: [6678] video directory scanner thread ended (pid=3D6675=2C tid=3D6678)
vdr: [6677] video directory scanner thread ended (pid=3D6675=2C tid=3D6677)
vdr: [6675] device 1 provides: DVBS DSS
vdr: [6680] tuner on device 1 thread started (pid=3D6675=2C tid=3D6680)
vdr: [6681] section handler thread started (pid=3D6675=2C tid=3D6681)
vdr: [6675] [] captured 1 video device

This DVB-T stick is clearly *NOT* DVB-S capable - so this might be part of =
problem. I don't get this message in 1.6.0 at all.

Is this related to the problem Morfsta had in [1] ? - it is the same QAM 16
modulation I am trying to connect to - but mine is (QAM 16=2C 8K=2C 5/6=2C =

Thanks in advance for any help. I'd like to stay with vdr 1.7.0 as well for
plugin compatibility reasons.


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