[vdr] [PATCH] jumpplay patch 1.0 for VDR-1.6.0 and VDR-1.7.4

Thomas Günther tom1 at toms-cafe.de
Tue Mar 31 23:32:46 CEST 2009


Here is a new version of the jumpplay patch:

This patch changes the replay behaviour for recordings that contain
editing marks. It allows to immediately continue the replay after
jumping forward to the next mark, and to automatically jump over the
commercial break to the next "start" mark, if an "end" mark is reached.

The features of this patch can be turned on or off in the replay setup.

See README.jumpplay included in the patch for details, history and

Changes since version 0.9:
- Play&Jump:
  - set resume position to 0 if replay stops at the first mark
- Added French language texts (thanks to Michaël Nival)


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