[vdr] Can I disable pause live tv altogher?

Magnus Hörlin magnus at alefors.se
Mon May 11 09:30:57 CEST 2009

> >
> > The Real Problem is that people are too lazy to educate their brats
> > properly.
> For F sake.  Do you have kids?
> You can educate a 5 year old, but a 2 year old?   Have you even tried?
> Just to say: I am not lazy, and my kids are not brats, and I don't think
> I or the the others here who raised this issue deserve to be ridiculed.
> (Or perhaps you intended your post to be humorous??)
> >

Well, I also wondered if he was humorous or not. When my daughter was three
years I often found five or so live recordings running. Now I have a son of
the same age and now it never happens for some reason. It could be that I
have changed remote to one that has a pause key that you don't press by
accident as easily. Or perhaps a boy/girl thing? But when I come to think of
it, I don't think I have told him that you can pause live tv...
Anyway, I think that people who want to pause live tv don't want a
confirmation popup so perhaps disabling "pause live tv" by a config
parameter is a better solution.
/Magnus H

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