[vdr] Can I disable pause live tv altogher?

Pasi Juppo Pasi at Juppo.fi
Sat May 16 22:30:23 CEST 2009

Seriously, there are many many things that are purely user error - so
what! If the SW can eliminate few of those then wouldn't it be advantage
of the SW?

If VDR can provide assistance to solve "user error" then why not
implement it and make more users happy about VDR? Just because it is
additional work it shall not be developed? Oh, please.. Especially when
both parties will have exactly what they want - no change to existing
functionality as a default config and for those (like myself)
configuration to disable the live-TV pausing.

Instead of looking purely on software technical factors try to look
things from the end user point of view - and I should add here: from
multipe different skilled end users point of view.

And to put some sarcasm at the end then why don't Klaus remove remote
control support from VDR. Who wants to use clumsy, usually not 100%
working, with only few buttons and with batteries that drain out remote
control when there are oh-so-nice keyboards and mouses available which
provide every possibility there is to control VDR..

Br, Pasi

VDR User wrote:
> On Sat, May 16, 2009 at 8:57 AM, Patrick Rother <krd-vdr at gulu.net> wrote:
>> As most pause key pressings are accidental, this is quite annoying.
> That is user-error, not a problem with VDR.
>> I'd prefer to have a switch to disable recording at all.
> Although you can easily resolve your problem by simply paying
> attention to what you're doing, I don't see a reason why Klaus
> wouldn't be willing to add something to help those of you who can't
> get it under control on your own.  That's just my opinion though,
> nothing more.  Maybe VDR should come with a helmet too! ;)
> Regards,
> Derek
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