[vdr] What is the best linux distribution for VDR?

Fabio Bordin fabio.bordin.81 at gmail.com
Fri May 22 09:47:20 CEST 2009

Il 22/05/2009 09:32, Torgeir Veimo ha scritto:
> 2009/5/22 Fabio Bordin<fabio.bordin.81 at gmail.com>:
>> Someone knows how to tell evdev to skip a particular /dev/input/event* ?
>> or how to disable evdev?
> Configure vdr to not use keyboard input. Instead use the remote plugin
> which can be configured with a specific input device.
My problem is that vdr and remote plugin wont configure at statup.

I explain better:
Fresh install, I copy *.conf file from vdr source dir to video dir.
There is no remote.conf file.
I start vdr from vdr-source dir with this comman: "./vdr 
-P"xinelibpouput -p" -P"remote -i /dev/input/eventX"
where eventX is the device i want to use to control my remote.

Vdr start but let me see only a black screen with "no signal"

No remote.conf created.

If I copy the remote.conf from xineliboutput's wiki, vdr let me use 
keyboard if I start without remote plugin.
If I start with remote plugin vdr let me see only no-signal.
Last night even without remote plugin, vdr did not want to let me see tv.

> In general, there's no perfect distro for bleeding edge vdr at the
> moment, you'll need to compile most stuff.
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