[vdr] ExtensionHD and VDR 1.7.6

Magnus Hörlin magnus at alefors.se
Sun May 31 11:47:46 CEST 2009

Seppo Ingalsuo wrote:
> Pasi Kärkkäinen wrote:
>> Nice.
>> How's the deinterlacing quality? 
> The 576i movement is smoother (not frame rate but the lowpass effect) 
> than with GreedyH/GreedyL deinterlacers I  used with software decoding. 
> Greedy deinterlacers did show show jaggies sometimes so I'd say it's 
> generally better.  My viewing size for VDPAU are 46" and 32". Projector 
> users may prefer a sharper picture perhaps? I haven't tried 1080i stuff 
> so I can't comment that.
> The only problem with deinterlacing is that paused picture in vdr 
> sometimes looks like not deinterlaced. There could be comb effect in 
> entire screen or perhaps just one line.
> My graphics cards are GS8400. I wonder if there are different 
> deinterlacers around in different nvidia generations?
> BR,
> Seppo
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I have to agree that the vdpau deinterlacers are better than the tvtime 
ones, including the temporal only deinterlacer that is used for 1080i. 
But it is as you say a little annoying that paused images are not 
deinterlaced. I use the ION platform with 9400M.
/Magnus H

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