[vdr] [OT] ARM based devices for VDR server and client

Mika Laitio lamikr at pilppa.org
Sun Nov 1 15:12:25 CET 2009

> The goal is to have a VDR device which consumes the „least possible“
> amount of power. I heard that ARM based devices are good for this.
> Does anyone on this list have any experiences using ARM based devices?
> 1. Since the boards are mostly small one needs to use mostly USB
> devices, doesn’t one?
> 2. Is the performance high enough to playback SDTV? It should.
> 3. What about HDTV?

I have N810 (Arm 2420 Omap) and tested the playback of sdtv with it by 
using the mplayer as a player which connected to VDR streamdev server.
For a while the playback was good but then there were also moments where 
the playback or sounds get scattered.

For fun I was also planning to build the vdr-sxfe for N810 but newer 
finished that one... (I was not able to find prebuild xine-libs and 
friends for Maemo, so I would have needed to build those and couple of 
other dependencies first and I did not had enough time for that)

> 4. Especially the Beagle Board [1][2] was covered a lot in the press.
> But it is not completely free, i. e. the specifications and the
> toolchain is not freely available, is not it [3]? Sorry, if I am wrong
> about this.

Openembedded supports beagleboard among many other targets so you can use 
that to build toolchain, bootable image and applications for the beagleboard.
(See the angstrom distribution for example)


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