[vdr] [OT] ARM based devices for VDR server and client

Paul Menzel paulepanter at users.sourceforge.net
Tue Nov 3 18:49:20 CET 2009

Am Dienstag, den 03.11.2009, 09:49 +0200 schrieb Michael Stepanov:
> IMHO nVidia Ion is much better option.

Did you try both options or is this just your point of view from reading
the specs?

> Especially for HDTV.

As far as I know the Beagle Board is supposed to play 720p without any
problems. See for example [1]. The NVIDIA ION is supposed to do 1080p
with VDPAU, but I think I do not need it yet.

+ The Beagle Board should use less power.
- More people run and test x86 hardware.
• Both use proprietary drivers.



[1] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdnDpH3543Q
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