[vdr] strange issue with DVB-S2 and VDPAU

Füley István aironet at tigercomp.ro
Thu Nov 12 12:25:40 CET 2009

Yes, i have signal, as my LNB cable is coming from the Kathrein's 
loopthrough, and channels are fine on Kathrein's Enigma2.
I also tried to connect my LNB directly to TT3200, with same results.

I compared Engima2's lamedb channels list to vdr's channels.conf, and I 
can see only one difference. On Kathrein there is a parameter for tp's 
called Pilot and is set to off, I don't have this option on VDR.

One more (stupid) question: Is there a way to record a channel if i don't 
have any output device (such as vdr-xine plugin), just the skincurses 
loaded? This software output device stuff is very unfamiliar for me, as I 
used vdr with an FF card for many years, never having to work with budget 

In a very last attempt I will try to recompile everything related to vdr 
stuff (dvb driver, xine-lib, xine-ui, reinstall nvidia drivers) in this 
weekend. If it won't work, I will sadly reinstall Ubuntu 9.04.


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