[vdr] Odd filesystem errors

Peter Evertz leo2 at pec.homeip.net
Sun Nov 22 14:20:56 CET 2009

Klaus Schmidinger schrieb:
> On 07.11.2009 02:07, HighlyCaffeinated wrote:
>> I've got an unusual situation with my VDR installation that has me
>> completely stumped.
>> My /video0 directory is located on a 1TB ext2 filesystem. When I perform
>> an 'ls-al' I get an
>> incomplete list of the directories located there. If I open that
>> filesystem on a Windows box via Samba, I see
>> that two recent directories have been created that the 'ls' does not
>> show me. The directories are named
>> COO66K~7 <mailto:vdr at linuxtv.org>(a CSI recording) and N3OZM1~R (an NCIS
>> recording) in Windows. I can drill
>> down into either directory and find the expected filesystem structure
>> and two recordings that we
>> had thought had failed. They are only visible through Windows/Samba. I
>> can copy the contents
>> of the directory to a Windows box and then copy them back to VDR (with a
>> new folder name)
>> and they play normally. As Debian refuses to acknowledge their
>> existence, I cannot rename or
>> delete the directories and I cannot copy data from the subdirectories. I
>> have tried masking the
>> tilde in the filenames, and that didn't change anything as I suspect the
>> filenames are instead REALLY long.
>> I am running vdr 1.7.7 with ATSC tuners and the ATSCepg plugin, and the
>> system regularly
>> creates successful recordings.
>> Anyone with a pointer on how to deal with this and what may be causing
>> such an odd
>> set of circumstances? e2fsck didn't find anything it considered to be
>> bothersome.
That is "normal" situation on a samba share that has (windows) "illegal" 
characters in it's name.
eg: "CSI: Next Session" is illegal because of the ":" and will be 
translated to something like you have seen on the windows box.

> Can you check the syslog file to see what names VDR used to create
> the recording directories?
> Klaus
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