[vdr] PCR pid (was:[ANNOUNCE] VDR developer version 1.7.10)

Giampaolo Sica gpsica at tin.it
Thu Nov 26 13:51:15 CET 2009

>Maybe because you haven't applied it to your copy of version 1.7.10? ;-)


>In hindsight I'm not sure whether the change "Fixed writing the PCR pid
>into the PMT in cPatPmtGenerator::GeneratePmt()" was a good idea, because
>VDR doesn't record the PCR pid at all.

>I tend to revert that change, because I don't think that
>a separate PCR pid is necessary in a recording. AFAIK the
>PCR pid is only for live viewing.

> Klaus

Yes, you're right if you are replaying recordings on a FF card, but:

1) Some players refuse to play TS streams without PCR information (screen
remains black). 
2) I'm porting VDR to IPBOX 9000HD (STi710x based STB... yes, I know there
is enigma2, but I've been using vdr since 2000 and I love it) and the PCR
pid is essential to have the timeline while watching recording, because the
ioctl DMX_GET_STC fails and the only way to you get time information is from
the video/audio decoder (VIDEO_GET_PTS/ AUDIO_GET_PTS). So, even if I wrote
a plugin for this device, I'd have to patch the base classes that is in
contrast with the plugins philosophy


P.S. If someone is interested in the porting to the ipbox, please let me
know. If we are more than one I'll create a svn database on the internet.

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