[vdr] HUD OSD problems on remote setup

Miguel Verdu luiverco at gmail.com
Wed Oct 21 23:07:35 CEST 2009

(*newbie alert*)
I'm facing some problem with the OSD,
I am using vdr from ubuntu repositories 1.6.0
I start VDR using the runvdr script
If I configure xineliboutput plugin to use as local frontend sxfe then HUD
OSD is shown ok,
But I want to start VDR and the FE separately, so that I can kill the FE and
keep VDR alive then I cannot see the HUD OSD.
in the /etc/vdr/plugins/plugin.xineliboutput.com in this second case looks
like this
and the startup command for sxfe is:
vdr-sxfe  --verbose --video xv --hud --audio oss --lirc

comparing the user logs of the case when it works and the case that it
doesn't it seems that when the OSD works this kind of traces are seen:
[xine..put] cXinelibLocal::Action - logo sent
[xine..put] cXinelibLocal:Action - Starting event loop

I nerver see traces from cXinlelibLocal when I start VDR and the FE
separately, so I'm gessing that the event loop that starts the OSD is never
I'm sure this is a silly configuration problem, but I have already spent 2
nights trying to fix it
Any help is appreciated
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