[vdr] [ANNOUNCE] vdr-pvrinput

L. Hanisch dvb at flensrocker.de
Mon Apr 5 10:55:46 CEST 2010

Hi all,

The plugin for integrating analog MPEG2 cards by Hauppauge (et al.) into the vdr has a new home.


It's adapted to the latest changes of vdr (>= 1.7.13). For older versions the plugin-param-patch is still needed. Take a 
look at the README to adjust your channels.conf to the matching syntax of your vdr.


I think, it's stable enough to be tested by you. :-)
Use the new home page for documenting bugs you encounter.

A short changelog:

- the generated TS now contains valid PAT, PMT and PCR packets so streaming with streamdev-server now works in TS mode. 
The used PIDs are the same as in the TS of cx18 cards, so the vdr will not alter them in mixed environments.
  vpid: 301+101=2 ; apid: 300 ; tpid: 305
- the Hauppauge HD PVR is now supported but uses different PIDs as the cx18/ivtv cards.
  vpid: 4113+4097=27 ; apid: 0;4352
- for radio channels no more video packets are sent. If you use a PVR350 as output device make sure you have a recent 
version of the pvr350-plugin which generates black video on its own.
- if you use a PVRUSB2 make sure you have the latest driver otherwise you can see occasionally no picture after a 
channel switch. The corresponding patch of pvrusb2 will be integrated in kernel 2.6.34.
- if you experience stuttering video on switching channels you can tweak some buffers with some parameters in the 
setup.conf (stop your vdr before editing, of course)

pvrinput.ReadBufferSizeKB = 64     // size of buffer for reader in KB (default: 64 KB)
pvrinput.TsBufferSizeMB = 3        // ring buffer size in MB (default: 3 MB)
pvrinput.TsBufferPrefillRatio = 0  // wait with delivering packets to vdr till buffer is filled up to x%

If the default values don't make you happy, please report working values for your setup. Please report also your used 
input and output devices.

The latest versions of w_pvrscan and wirbelscan supports the new vdr 1.7.13 syntax if you don't want to change your 
channels.conf by hand.


Here's the announcement in the vdr-portal:

Have fun!

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