[vdr] Problem/bug with dual tuner FusionHD7

Timothy D. Lenz tlenz at vorgon.com
Fri Apr 9 20:24:38 CEST 2010

This has been an on going problem for some time. It may be a driver bug 
but 2 post to the dvb list got no responce. The card is FusionHD7 Dual 
Express ATSC tuner card when using the atscepg plugin. After a few 
hours, sometimes the next day, vdr seems to loose control of one of the 
tuners, which ever one vdr is not currently displaying from. Doing a 
timer records seems to trigger it more quickly, but lately it's been 
with in a few hours regardless of doing a recording. The problem happens 
after the recordings are done or after a few hours of running. Only vdr 
needs to be restarted to get the tuner back. I added a second card, a 
HVR-1800 which becomes the 3rd device and when vdr is left on the first 
tuner, the second tuner of the dual goes down. If VDR is left on ether 
the second or the 3rd, then it's the 1st that goes down.

If I use the -D option to start vdr without ether the 1st or 2nd tuner 
so that only one tuner of the dual card is used, then leaving vdr on 
ether remaining tuner shows no problem. It is only when vdr has access 
to both tuners of the dual that it looses control of one of them. 
Removing the plugin seems to fix the problem also but you get no atsc 
epg data and if it was a pluigin problem, then it should still have 
problems with just one tuner per card. But the 1800 never goes down and 
the dual only looses one when both are allowed. Both cards us cx23885 
driver but different firmware.

This has been a problem since I set this computer up over a year ago. 
Still shows problem with vdr-1.7.14, plugin from hg 03/29/10 and drivers 
from hg 01/22/10

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