[vdr] xineliboutput UDP detach from stream

Kent Nielsen kent at kent.pri.ee
Sun Apr 25 16:25:12 CEST 2010

I can't use UDP transport with vdr-sxfe after the changes to xvdr_metronom
made on 2010-02-19 13:44:57

When chaning channels there is a message "[demux_vdr] PMT changed", and
thats it.  Recordings can be watched and some HD channels also.  With TCP it
works, but unfortunately I often get screen blinking when chaning channels
(the blinking doesn't go away until x is restarted).  With UDP there is no
screen blinking.

I use xine-lib-1.2 (latest) with vdpau.

It seems, that vdr-sxfe or xineliboutput think that the stream is detached?
What could I do to debug or even change it?  Would love to use newer
xineliboutput and vdr-sxfe.

Thanks in advance,

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