[vdr] PVRINPUT plugin and "black/cinema bars"

Simon Baxter linuxtv at nzbaxters.com
Mon Apr 26 12:19:00 CEST 2010

> you should upgrade to our new pvrinput version:
> http://projects.vdr-developer.org/attachments/download/288/vdr-
> pvrinput-2010-04-14.tgz
> see 
> http://projects.vdr-developer.org/repositories/entry/plg-pvrinput/HISTORY
> I am pretty sure that your TV station broadcasts analogue TV not 
> anamorphic,
> which means it "delivers" the black bars to prevent the aspect  ratio of a
> 16:9 content.

You're right - have checked on an analog input to the TV directly and the 
bars are there, being sent by the service provider.  Damn!

> Using the full screen for 16:9 content would result in "egg heads".  We 
> call
> this anamorphic. A 16:9 TV would stretch this; a 4:3 TV screen would need 
> to
> scale it down (generating the needed bars).
> At least in Germany analogue broadcastings are never anamorphic.
> I gues you are using the extern inputs to supply video from a digital
> receiver? Then it could be anamorphic of course. You would need to tell 
> your
> digibox that you have a 16:9 TV.

Nope, am using the tuner on-board in the PVR-500.

> Unfortunately there is no way to detect the incoming signal (Tuner or 
> extern).
> Therefore it is not possible to automatically choose the right setting.
>> Any ideas how to remove these?
> The driver does not support clipping/cropping. We will always encode the 
> whole
> capture size. If there is already a bar, it will also be in the encoded
> stream. You could try to use the zoom mode of your TV.

This doesn't work either, as the "PC input" setting on my Sony Bravia 
doesn't allow zooming.

I guess I'm stuck with the bars, unless someone can suggest how to crop in 
VDR or on the ivtv driver?

>> Plugin setup is as follows:
>> pvrinput.BackupHack = 0
>> pvrinput.BackupInterval = 30
>> pvrinput.EnableDigibox = 1
>> pvrinput.FastChannelChange = 1
>> pvrinput.RedRemoteDevice = /dev/ledxmit
> These setup items have never been in any pvrinput version, so I gues you 
> made
> patches. Could you provide them to me?

I'm not actually using these settings now, but was when I was using the 
analog output from my cable STB and needed PVRINPUT to change the channel 
using an IR transmitter.

Sorry, but I'm going to have to go through some backups to get this hack - 
will get back to you....


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