[vdr] Advice on new motherboard, xineliboutput, vdpau, hdmi video & audio, etc.

Seppo Ingalsuo seppo.ingalsuo at iki.fi
Tue Aug 17 18:36:37 CEST 2010

On Tue, 2010-08-17 at 13:39 +0300, Niko Mikkilä wrote:
> Yes, as VDR User said, the latest generation VP4/VDPAU feature set C
> cards (GeForce 210, GT 220, ...) have an integrated audio controller.
> The ALSA driver should support 7.1 channel PCM too.

I found that someone has had success with such cards


> IMO the only reason to go for a separate card over ION would be higher
> quality 1080i deinterlacing. You'll need GT 220 for that since GeForce
> 210 is only slightly faster than ION. They have the same video processor
> and therefore the same video decoding capabilities, but post-processing
> is done on the graphics cores.

Good point. I think 1080i is rare content for me. If ION is as good as a
GT220 with 576i, 720p and 1080p then it could be very suitable for my

> > It seems that the IONs are VP3/B so your prosal is certainly better (if
> > there is HDMI audio support).
> ION2 has VP4/C, I think.
> If you don't need advanced 1080i deinterlacing, Asus AT5IONT-I is a very
> good option right now. It has ION2, latest dualcore Atom and USB3, and
> it's passively cooled.

It's an interesting new board but I wonder if there's some risk for
problems. I tried to search but I could not find reports about success
with Ubuntu or Linux generally. Do Nvidia's binary graphics drivers
support ION2?


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