[vdr] Dish Network and Diseqc switches.

Timothy D. Lenz tlenz at vorgon.com
Thu Aug 19 07:20:28 CEST 2010

Ok, the problem with dish equipment is dish now scambles everything 
including the NASA. the only channel not scambled is 101 which is just 
and 24/7 comercial for DN. However, their EPG data is not scrambled, so 
if you can find your locals, you can add the channels to your list and 
add the 9 day eepg channel. As long as you have the locals in the list, 
vdr will get the guide data from epg. The eepg channel is just a data 
channel, no video or audio. If your area is like mine, the local ATSC 
broadcast are doing good to get data up for the next 12-24hours and 
because they don't follow the required standards, some of those are just 
show name. So, at least for the networks, you can grab the guide from sat.

Now if you want programing.... you won't find much and most of what is 
not scrambled is foreign. Also, You will have to look to C-band for much 
of it which requires a 4-8' dish. What is on Ku is linear and will 
require a dish of around 30" or more. The superdish is a bit larger then 
most of the ones people use, so it might work. But you will need a 
linear lnb as the dish lnbs are all circular polarity. Didn't happen to 
bring any lnb's with you did you? :)

There is an FTA service comming, http://www.freedbs.org/ which may use a 
circular transponder since the list a 22" dish as minimum. If you really 
want to get into NA FTA, you might want to poke around satelliteguys web 

On 8/18/2010 1:32 PM, Rob Davis wrote:
> I had a nice European sat system until moving to the US.  Since coming
> here I've cludged VDR to work with cable using PVR cards and an HD-PVR.
> However, I bought a Dish Network satellite "Superdish" at an auction for
> about $2.50 and wondered if I can get it working with my DVB-S cards. It
> appears to have three LNB's, a dual one and then a side one. Each LNB
> seems to have two plugs coming off it. Can I connect all three to a
> Eurospec Diseqc switch I brought with me or does it need it's own switch
> from Dish Networks?
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