[vdr] Converting all recordings to TS?

Lars Bläser lblaeser at mainz-online.de
Wed Aug 25 20:10:30 CEST 2010

On 25.08.2010 18:43, Teemu Suikki wrote:
> Hi,
> I just upgraded to VDR 1.7.15, mainly because I want to watch TS
> recordings with PS3, directly from PS3 browser with VDRAdmin and
> StreamDev.. I already have it pretty much working, both LiveTV and
> recordings work fine. I have been modifying VDRAdmin-am slightly to be
> more ps3-oriented. :)
> Anyway, now the biggest problem is that I have about 1TB of recordings
> recorded with older VDR.. I'd like to convert all of those to TS. :)
> Is there some simple shell utility? Writing the actual script is not a
> problem, if I just knew what program to use for the conversion.

as long as it's a normal mpeg2 PES recording (no PES h.264, hd recording
with h.264 patch for vdr 1.7.0) projectx (java) will be able to convert
PES to TS, the index can be ignored (vdr 1.7.15 regenerates it if missing)
not shure about the info.vdr to info conversion (with any luck renaming
is ok)

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