[vdr] Minor *.po patch

Klaus Schmidinger Klaus.Schmidinger at tvdr.de
Sun Dec 12 15:45:44 CET 2010

On 04.12.2010 13:09, Tobias Grimm wrote:
> The gettext version I use automatically adds a Language field to the
> headers of the po-Files. It would be nice to have this field there in
> the first place, so here's a small patch that adds it.

According to a patch I recevied from Ville Skyttä a while ago
the "Language..." entries currently look like this in my source
(which will become VDR version 1.7.17):

po/ar.po:"Language-Team: Arabic <ar at li.org>\n"
po/ar.po:"Language: ar\n"
po/ca_ES.po:"Language-Team: Catalan <vdr at linuxtv.org>\n"
po/ca_ES.po:"Language: ca\n"
po/cs_CZ.po:"Language-Team: Czech <vdr at linuxtv.org>\n"
po/cs_CZ.po:"Language: cs\n"
po/da_DK.po:"Language-Team: Danish <vdr at linuxtv.org>\n"
po/da_DK.po:"Language: da\n"
po/de_DE.po:"Language-Team: German <vdr at linuxtv.org>\n"
po/de_DE.po:"Language: de\n"
po/el_GR.po:"Language-Team: Greek <vdr at linuxtv.org>\n"
po/el_GR.po:"Language: el\n"
po/es_ES.po:"Language-Team: Spanish <vdr at linuxtv.org>\n"
po/es_ES.po:"Language: es\n"
po/et_EE.po:"Language-Team: Estonian <vdr at linuxtv.org>\n"
po/et_EE.po:"Language: et\n"
po/fi_FI.po:"Language-Team: Finnish <vdr at linuxtv.org>\n"
po/fi_FI.po:"Language: fi\n"
po/fr_FR.po:"Language-Team: French <vdr at linuxtv.org>\n"
po/fr_FR.po:"Language: fr\n"
po/hr_HR.po:"Language-Team: Croatian <vdr at linuxtv.org>\n"
po/hr_HR.po:"Language: hr\n"
po/hu_HU.po:"Language-Team: Hungarian <vdr at linuxtv.org>\n"
po/hu_HU.po:"Language: hu\n"
po/it_IT.po:"Language-Team: Italian <vdr at linuxtv.org>\n"
po/it_IT.po:"Language: it\n"
po/lt_LT.po:"Language-Team: Lithuanian <vdr at linuxtv.org>\n"
po/lt_LT.po:"Language: lt\n"
po/mk_MK.po:"Language-Team: Macedonian <en at li.org>\n"
po/mk_MK.po:"Language: mk\n"
po/nl_NL.po:"Language-Team: Dutch <vdr at linuxtv.org>\n"
po/nl_NL.po:"Language: nl\n"
po/nn_NO.po:"Language-Team: Norwegian Nynorsk <vdr at linuxtv.org>\n"
po/nn_NO.po:"Language: nn\n"
po/pl_PL.po:"Language-Team: Polish <vdr at linuxtv.org>\n"
po/pl_PL.po:"Language: pl\n"
po/pt_PT.po:"Language-Team: Portuguese <vdr at linuxtv.org>\n"
po/pt_PT.po:"Language: pt\n"
po/ro_RO.po:"Language-Team: Romanian <vdr at linuxtv.org>\n"
po/ro_RO.po:"Language: ro\n"
po/ru_RU.po:"Language-Team: Russian <vdr at linuxtv.org>\n"
po/ru_RU.po:"Language: ru\n"
po/sk_SK.po:"Language-Team: Slovak <vdr at linuxtv.org>\n"
po/sk_SK.po:"Language: sk\n"
po/sl_SI.po:"Language-Team: Slovenian <vdr at linuxtv.org>\n"
po/sl_SI.po:"Language: sl\n"
po/sv_SE.po:"Language-Team: Swedish <vdr at linuxtv.org>\n"
po/sv_SE.po:"Language: sv\n"
po/tr_TR.po:"Language-Team: Turkish <vdr at linuxtv.org>\n"
po/tr_TR.po:"Language: tr\n"
po/uk_UA.po:"Language-Team: Ukrainian <vdr at linuxtv.org>\n"
po/uk_UA.po:"Language: uk\n"
po/zh_CN.po:"Language-Team: Chinese (simplified) <vdr at linuxtv.org>\n"
po/zh_CN.po:"Language: zh_CN\n"

Please advise whether this is correct.


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