[vdr] Request: E parameter in channels.conf for epg scan

Magnus H magnus at alefors.se
Mon Dec 13 12:53:45 CET 2010

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>>> Having epg in a DB (sqlite,mysql) might also be nice. 
>> Definiteley *no* database in VDR!
>> I've said it on many occasions, and I'll repeat it as many times
>> as necessary! If you want to handle EPG data in a database, do it
>> externally and feed the resulting EPG data into VDR via SVDRP.
> channels.conf and epg.data definitly are databases even if you don't
> name them as such. 

Of course, but they are *simple* databases ;-)
I don't want VDR to become dependent on some particular database software.
And I like the fact that these files are plain readable text files.


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Thanks Klaus, couldn't agree more. Back in the dark ages I chose VDR over
Myth more or less because of that.
/Magnus H

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